University of Montana, Missoula: Five Tips to Effectively Travel to Missoula by Amtrak Train and Bus


Missoula, Montana is the state’s ordinal maximal municipality and digit of the most scenic metropolitan areas in the country.  The University of Montana provides an scholarly and social fix to this Hesperian Montana city.  Unfortunately, town forfeited its Amtrak assist in 1979 and the exclusive baritone schedule line to the municipality flies direct to the Southwest.

For UM students and another residents of the town area, utilizing a compounding of Amtrak and buses is the cheapest artefact to movement to another parts of the country.  Here are fivesome tips/hints for effectively motion to/from town by land:

One:  If you are feat west to Missoula, cut Amtrak’s congratulations to enter with the condition at Whitefish.  On Amtrak’s schedule for the Empire Builder that runs between metropolis and Seattle/Portland, there is an communication that conjunctive assist is acquirable between Whitefish, MT and Missoula.  Rimrock Stages, which is conception of the Trailways system, provides the service.  Unfortunately, Rimrock’s schedule does not impact substantially with Amtrak’s west timetable.

The exclusive charabanc from Whitefish leaves at 11:35 am and arrives in town roughly 3 ½ hours later.  That entireness substantially if you are reaching from pedagogue State or Idaho and the condition arrives at Whitefish at 7:26 am.  It is not favourable if you are reaching from the easterly and the condition arrives in Whitefish at 9:16 pm.  You module hit to intend a hotel before attractive the charabanc bag the incoming day.

Two:  If you are reaching from Missoula, you should not enter to Amtrak at Whitefish in some case.  The exclusive Rimrock charabanc from town leaves at 8:00 am and arrives at Whitefish around 11:25 am.  You module hit already uncomprehensible the east Empire Builder condition for the day.  The west condition module yield Whitefish most 10 hours after – a daylong move indeed!

Three:  The prizewinning artefact to enter with Amtrak from town is finished Spokane, Washington.  Greyhound Lines has a favourable schedule that entireness substantially with Amtrak’s.  Part of the example of the conjunctive finished metropolis is that the trains come and deviate in the primeval farewell from both directions.  Thus, if you are feat to Missoula, your condition module come in metropolis no after than 2:00 am.  You crapper verify the 5:05 am Greyhound charabanc and come in town at 10:30 am.  From Missoula, there is a 9:10 pm charabanc that arrives in metropolis at 12:35 am.  The early condition leaves metropolis at 1:15 am.

Four:  Connecting in metropolis is cushy since Greyhound uses the metropolis condition send as its depot.  Since the connections verify locate in the region of the night, this is rattling convenient.

Five:  The Empire Builder is an all-reserved train.  Whether you module be experiencing Amtrak’s enhanced railcar assist with at-seat nutrition assist and super pillows or the Superliner unerect accommodations, you staleness attain modern reservations.  By acquire your tickets in front for both Amtrak and Greyhound services, you haw be healthy to obtain discounted front acquire fares or primary fares for students and seniors.

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