McGraw Hill


In 2015, Busuu and McGraw-Hill Education, one of the largest and most recognized educational publishers in the world, teamed up to provide certification to demonstrate your skills in your language of learning.

The test will determine how well the core topics of Levels A1, A2, B1 or B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) are mastered. If you pass an exam, you will receive an official McGraw-Hill Education certificate for that level.

This feature is reserved for premium members and is currently available only for the following language courses: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. If you are serious about learning languages, we would recommend that you complete a Premium Membership today and try the exam. Keep reading to find out what that means to you and how to use it to teach your language skills in a new language.

Final tests for the learning levels
Busuu language experts have completely overhauled the learning level tests so you can better assess your current language level and show your skills and efforts.

Important features of the tests:
The skills are central: each test is divided into three sections – dialogue, speech comprehension and speech application

Vocabulary and Grammar: Each exam focuses on the key vocabulary and grammar topics of each level

The results are graded: Instead of a simple pass or fail, grades are awarded between C and A +

The number of repetitions is limited: we encourage learners to only complete the tests if they are really ready. That’s why every test can only be taken once every fourteen days.

frequently asked Questions
Why should I take a final test?
The test will help you find out if you master the fabric of one level of learning and be ready for the next. Plus, you’ll receive proof of your hard work, proving your language skills at work or impressing your friends on LinkedIn.

In what format is the test certificate provided?
The certificate will be emailed to you in color as a PDF file, so you can print a copy. If you take the test through our app, you can also share your results via LinkedIn.

When should I take a test?
You should take the test if you think you are proficient in all or most of the subject areas of a learning level. For example, if you have already completed A1 or have completed it … Read the rest “Prove your language skills with a certificate from Busuu and McGraw-Hill Education”