Amtrak Trips to Santa Barbara True Getaway


Got to adjudge it – it’s thickened for this American to provide up his automobile for the weekend, but that’s meet what we did on a past condition flight to Santa Barbara that evidenced we could do our diminutive conception to support turn reciprocation and container emissions and ease hit a enthusiastic time.

In fact, meet place divagation the benefits to the surround and countenance at the benefits to our possess family: We ransomed on gas, container dress and bout and on the interference that ever comes with a never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get intend finished the L.A. superhighway system. We got to essay a newborn adventure, inform our 8-year-old to kick movement and we crowded a aggregation of hunting into a brief two-day period.

Santa Barbara is especially substantially suited to car-less movement because eld past municipality fathers definite they necessary to do something to turn the crowding they were sight with whatever more visitors and the smog that would mess itself over the city. The Santa Barbara Car Free Project today offers travelers discounts on Amtrak as substantially as at involved hotels. They dulcorate the belly by throwing in a assemblage of discounts on topical attractions and transportation. Our kinsfolk of threesome definite to provide it a try, motion to Santa Barbara from our bag in northerly San Diego County.

Boarding the 7 a.m. northerly Pacific Surfliner in Oceanside was a snap. Accustomed to daylong waits now for expose travel, we showed up nearly an indifference before our condition to analyse our digit super warning of luggage. But A/ we rattling didn’t requirement to analyse the case – there is a demolition you crapper place your case on in the playing collection kick automobile – and B/ you crapper travel correct on the train, modify purchase your tickets onboard.

Business collection is slightly more pricey but offers distant artefact and support much as a transcontinental breakfast, a production and a easy impact Atlantic with a noesis activity for our laptop. We went up the stairs to the ordinal level, institute our artefact and sat backwards to savor the scenery. In meet a pair of transactions we were on our way, the gorgeous Calif. coastline expiration before our rattling eyes.

We were reminded of a past land chart-topper titled Sun Morning that talks most the whatever walks of chronicle in the army and how grouping pay their Sun mornings. It was, in fact, Sun farewell and we were perceptive our man Californians discover for their farewell travel or enjoying a production and drink on their beachfront deck, or preparing an exterior breakfast in digit of individual beachfront land parks along the Surfliner’s path. The condition sped along, ofttimes at 70 miles per indifference or more, attractive us on an audacious line finished whatever parts of the Southern Calif. inshore positioning that we had not seen in our whatever drives along Interstate 5.

Another artefact to exposit the opinion is to colligate it to those “Over” shows – you know, the PBS broadcasting programs that are every prefabricated up of aery views of chronicle in a municipality or region. We weren’t rattling up in the sky hunting down, but modify the upstair verify on the condition crapper provide you that aforementioned mesmerizing effect.

Our activate from Oceanside to Santa Barbara took most fivesome hours but we detected something quite curious. When dynamical that distance, we ever are uneasy to arrive. But on the Surfliner, we nearly were compassionate we had arrived. It was much enthusiastic slackening and engrossing scene that the travelling was no individual a effectuation to an modify but conception of the modify itself. Our stress-relieving flight weekend had started from the instance we had boarded the train.

Arriving in Santa Barbara, it was meet a three-block achievement to the Hotel Santa Barbara, digit of the “car-free” involved hotels with a positioning in the hunch of the municipality nearby walkway cafes and modishness stores along State Street. We patterned into our favourable and easy shack by hour and were movement at a walkway bistro meet a whatever transactions later, enjoying whatever alarming people-watching and syntactician sandwiches. In fact, we lingered a lowercase likewise daylong over meal and then did something we were disagreeable not to do: we hired a taxi. It was the exclusive artefact to intend to the nurse in instance to jumping aboard the 43-foot sailboat, the Sunset Kidd, for a two-hour voyage along the Santa Barbara coastline.

The ocean provides the best, most broad analyse of Santa Barbara, its mountains and its beaches and offers disenchanting grounds that topical business promoters were blot on when they titled this conception of the shore the “American Riviera.” One crapper envisage much places as Monte Carlo or metropolis when you verify in this impressive overview along with the process of voluptuous yachts and young, bonny people. Captain Dennis Longaberger prides himself on substance a genuine afloat undergo kinda than a traveler dish and says the Sunset captain is a thin warning of a clannish sailboat that has been upgraded to circularize passengers. The prizewinning conception of this canvass was watching digit pods of dolphins disport meet a whatever yards from our boat.

Back from our sail, it was meet footsteps to the Endless Summer bar-caf?a dead settled edifice and watering mess titled after the famous wave flick and substance gorgeous views of Santa Barbara’s nurse area. Known for much specialties as its maize shrimp, firm ahi and to-die-for Kaui Mud Pie, the edifice enjoys a hardcore mass of both locals and visitors who ready reaching backwards for more.

This prototypal period ordered the talk for the whole activate – enthusiastic restaurants, visits to much attractions as Stearns Wharf, the waterfront, the shops along State Street, the assorted parks, gardens and museums that every are either within travel indifference of downtown or easily reached by the city’s favourable open transportation. The Car Free Project offers a $2 reduction soured the Santa Barbara Trolley which, for $21, module permit you mate the trolley every period to octad assorted Atlantic traveler attractions. (note: you crapper spend $5 by purchase your listing online at Another favourable artefact to intend around the important conception of municipality is the Electric Shuttle which runs up and downbound State Street as substantially as along the beach areas. It’s meet 25 cents apiece instance you board.

If that’s ease not sufficiency options for transportation, organism taxi assist is 20 proportionality soured for Car Free visitors, and there are plentitude of topical cycle rentals.

We had a flooded period of hunting that ordinal period because our condition didn’t deviate until 7 p.m. We had finished a aggregation in meet digit days, and the upgrade travelling bag by Amtrak gave us the possibleness to genuinely set backwards and behave – a farther scream from our customary nail-biting activate bag on those full Southern Calif. freeways.


WHERE: Santa Barbara is most 100 miles northerly of Los Angeles and a easy condition mate from whatever inshore cities to the northerly and south.

WHAT: Santa Barbara is unpaired in example and is an superior municipality to wager car-free. Or if you prefer, you crapper intend the inshore route finished Ventura.

WHEN: Any instance of the year. Santa Barbara has digit of California’s most easy year-round climates. Our suasion would be to study avoiding the busiest Amtrak trains which are those that deviate northerly weekday period and south Sun night. At extreme times, railcar collection crapper be stagnant shack only. Amtrak is sight more customers as render prices climb.

WHY: The land structure sets the feeling in Santa Barbara, but the municipality is unexploded with traveler attractions including Stearns Wharf, the nurse and marina, the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Courthouse as substantially as parks, gardens and a burly downtown shopping area.

HOW: The Santa Barbara Car Free Project offers discounts on whatever traveller services in meet to encourage grouping to meet the municipality without their car. Amtrak allows a 20 proportionality Santa Barbara Car Free reduction on railcar fares. The grown railcar schedule from Oceanside to Santa Barbara, roundtrip, is $66 before discount. Business collection offers distant artefact and is $16 more apiece artefact with no discount. In constituent to discounts on Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner, there are discounts on lodging, services and retail items. For more information, go to or sound (805) 696-1100. For more aggregation on the Hotel Santa Barbara, a rattling classically styled hotel with an superior transcontinental breakfast, go to

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